File synchronization

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Supported file formats:

• .doc • .txt • .pptx
• .docx • .xlsx • .ppt
• .odt • .ods • .odp
• .rtf • .csv • And more!

Document management and collaboration (Versioning/live backup/secure email/etc)

Our file sync service backups files in real time and with independent upload and download streams.  This is a fantastic product for multi user environments!  This product also makes share snapshots to directly address the rising threat of ransomware.  Every file has a revision, eliminating the risk of overwritten files. Our sync solution is also perfect for remote users giving you the ability to manage BYOD

Anywhere access. Fluid collaboration. Secure sharing. we bring mobile productivity under control.

Our sync solution allows the mobile worker to securely access and share files wherever they go, on any device. Access can happen from laptops, tablets and phones, as employee content and corporate data is synced on the fly. Team Shares streamline file changes, ensuring that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions.

Users can easily share, set expiration dates, track downloads, receive notifications and send messages. All user activity is tracked – including adds, deletes and changes – enabling restoration of deleted files or previous versions. Clients can also cloud-enable their file server, lessening the need for cumbersome FTP and VPNs.



  • The Collaborative Web Editor now allows users to Save As within the same root 
  • The Collaborative Web Editor is available from the top banner button within the Collaborative Web Viewer
  • The Collaborative Web Editor now opens in a new tab, when accessed via the right-click context menu on the web
  • A hyperlinked filename is included in the persistent toaster notification when a web editing session times out
  • New filetype icons are now available for creating content in the Collaborative Web Editor
  • Auto-locking is now improved to properly handle uncommon file names
  • Recurring reports will no longer send when trial date has ended or organization is inactive
  • All new trials will now have the Web Preview and Collaborative Web Editing features turned on
  • Outlook Add-in dialogs have received minor enhancements
  • Sync performance is improved with better handling of deltas and compression in environments that have bandwidth throttling configured


  • Anonymous users of the Collaborative Web Viewer no longer persist in the chat window after leaving the viewing session*
  • Outlook email attachments now properly convert to share links in rare edge cases
  • Desktop clients no longer report as offline after upgrading to version 2.5.3
  • Organization policy updates are now properly handled by the desktop client
  • The Overwrite Remote option will now properly resolve collisions
  • Certain file locks will no longer throw a false collision
  • The desktop client filesystem disk scans will now properly run in unique environments
  • Pie chart graphs will now properly display in the Storage Overview report
  • Client certificate verification now properly functions for private cloud environments that receive automatic server updates
  • The Apache server CPU utilization will no longer spike as a result of browsing the Dashboard Activity and the Activity Log in private cloud environments
  • Filesystem navigation on the web is now successful when expanding large volumes for File Server Enablement and backups
  • The hydration query is now optimized and will no longer exhibit a mutex timeout
  • Configuration drop-downs now properly load when configuring ConnectWise billing integration