Our Products

In recent months’ attacks from ransomware has exploded and the source for those attacks start from phishing emails. At Net Concepts AZ llc, we have addressed these types of threats along with others in a multi layered approach. We have solutions to protect your mail server’s perimeter. Emails can be scanned both in and out for spam and virus content. This is one positive action that can be taken that will dramatically reduce your threats. We protect your server’s shares with snapshots and live backups that replicate your data on the fly. We can protect your endpoints with F-secure. We have several BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solutions designed to eliminate downtime and effectively making for an easy roll back on such an attack. There is no cookie cutter solution that will best serve every customer so a flexible approach that really listens to your companies needs can make the difference creating a powerful tool to get the job done when you need it. All cloud services we offer are geographically redundant. Our hosted virtual servers are hosted in a SOC II data center and completely HIPPA compliant. Our service offerings include:

• Email Filtering (Anti-Virus and spam)- Redundancy
• Email Archiving
• Email Hosting (Using Kerio Connect a more flexible Exchange like offering), Hosted Microsoft Exchange also availible (Any Mail server)
• Server Hosting
• Backup and Disaster Recovery with bock level encrypted backup, One-Click local and offsite virtualization
  • Document management and collaboration (Versioning/live backup/secure email/etc)
  • Endpoint Anti-Virus (F-secure)
  • Endpoint management with Autotask
All products are customized to your needs, prices are subject to size of the products needed and involvement in our tech department to get you up and going. Please feel free to use our contact form to get in contact with us!